Automobile Accidents

Fact and Fiction: The importance of helmets

Many Americans dream of one day owning their very own motorcycle so they can travel the vast open roads and feel intimately connected to this beautiful country. It is a beautiful thought, but motorcycles are incredibly dangerous. Any traffic accident is magnified in severity when it involves a biker, so it is important to take all proper safety precautions, especially when there are so few. Many bikers refuse to wear helmets, claiming that they actually increase the risk of spinal injury, but that is just not the case.

According to this article on Medscape from this past May, a review study conducted over five years shows that the rate of severe cervical injuries decreases with helmet use. The primary author of the study, a professor of neurosurgery at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, admits that the mechanisms are not explained by this study, but the correlation is a strong one. This review study was done because of push-back against mandatory helmet laws. Opponents claim that helmets restrict visibility, hearing, and overall freedom of movement of the wearer. There is also the claim that they increase spinal injuries, which this study aimed to address. A study conducted in 1986 claims that past a certain speed, there is a trade-off where helmets can cause more damage than their worth. Out of the 1064 patients in the review study, 10.8% of those who were not wearing helmets sustained major spinal injuries, compared to 4.3% who were, which is statistically significant. In addition, it was found that unhelmeted riders had longer hospital stays and the severity of their injuries was worse overall. The authors of this study conclude that wearing a helmet leads to decreased time in the ICU and the hospital in general and lowers mortality rate.

Given the evidence, there is no reason why a biker should ever refuse to wear a helmet. Especially since motorcyclists are difficult to spot and are often in accidents with distracted drivers, it is important that they are protected. According to, Habush Habush & Rottier, S.C there are lawyers in the Milwaukee area that focus on helping bikers get compensation when they are in an accident that is not their fault, but it would be impossible to make use of this help yourself if you die in the ICU. Bikers ought to support legislation that will keep them safe.

Even though the study in question is simply a correlational study, it clearly shows that wearing a helmet is better than not wearing one. A government mandate is tricky since many people might assume that a more hands-off approach that does not infringe on personal rights is the better way to go, but such a mandate could save countless lives. It would even free up hospital resources so they can assist other patients. This way, every American who dreams of owning a bike will have one less thing to worry about and will be able to feel at ease on the open road.

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Myths About Car Accidents

Car accidents happen all the time. We often hear about them in the news. These incidents can have various consequences ranging from serious injuries to even death. There are often misconceptions about car accidents which often become the reason for people not being able to get the compensation they deserve. According to the website of Hankey Law Office, the consequences of car accidents are mostly serious. Here are some common myths about car accidents:

1. If You Are Not Hurt Right Away, You Cannot Sue Later

Injuries such as whiplash can only develop within weeks or even months after the accident. Claims are covered by statute of limitations. Even if you are not hurt right, seeking medical attention is the safe thing to do.

2. The Other Driver and I Can Work It Out

Admitting fault is one of the major challenges of car accident claims. These types of collisions are a complicated process that may require legal assistance. It involves more than just exchange of insurance information and contact numbers.

3. The Police Will Determine The At-Fault Party

If there is significant damage or injury after the accident, you may need to call a police to write an accident report. But then again it is not the police who will determine who is at-fault. It is still up to the court to determine that. Still, the police report can be a valuable piece of evidence during the hearing.

4. I Don’t Need The Help Of An Attorney

If the accident is minor, an attorney may not be necessary. However, if there are disputes as to who is responsible for an accident, recovering damages, or enforcing payment, it will be good to have a lawyer by your side. Even if planning for an out-of-court settlement, an attorney will still come in handy.

5. My insurance rates will go up if I file a claim

Your insurance rates will not go up when filing a claim. In fact, state laws prohibit raising insurance rates if you are not at fault in the accident and filed a claim.

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Importance of Workers’ Compensation

While not every job requires its employees to use automobiles, many do. Unfortunately, this condition may raise the risk of an employee being associated with a car accident by a considerable amount. As the harms that often appear from car accidents might be quite serious and, therefore, expensive to treat, it is important that employees who have to use automobiles for their jobs are alert to the workers’ compensation benefits which they might qualify for if they take part in a car accident while performing job-related tasks.

According to the website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, any company employing one or more workers, whether full or part-time, are expected to possess some types of workers compensation. This is mandatory so that workers who are hurt while carrying out their regular job responsibilities possess a way to obtain financial protection in the event that they can’t get back to work or incur costs that over-extend their financial abilities. With regards to the automobile injury, a worker can find themselves facing fiscal consequences and tremendously burdensome bodily harms. In cases such as this, workers’ compensation rewards may not be dispensable, as they frequently provide fiscal stability and security.

Injuries from Automobile Mishaps

Some are noticed more frequently than others, although the harms that may occur from vehicle accidents are widely varied. For example, one of the more commonly reported injuries in the USA that arise from work-related automobile accidents are:

  • Broken bones / brain injuries
  • Concussions
  • Back / neck and fractures
  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal-cord injuries

Vehicle accidents might be hugely pricey and daunting, especially when they result in an individual to suffer from these or other injuries. Should you or a person you know be engaged in a car accident while on the job, contact a skilled injury lawyer today to discuss obtaining compensation for your friend or yourself. Vehicle accidents could be frightening and very expensive, particularly when they result in an individual enduring additional injuries.

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When Pilots Talk too Much, and Air Traffic Controllers Are Tired

An unfortunate combination of factors led to the death of 47 passengers and two crewmembers of Comair Flight 5191 on August 27, 2006. A majority of the passengers were from Kentucky, including a newly married couple on their honeymoon. The only survivor was the first officer, which investigators identified as the one who was actually piloting the aircraft at the time of the accident. He sustained serious injuries in the crash and has no memory of what transpired. He is now a paraplegic.

Initial investigators placed the cause of the accident as pilot error. The air controller of the Blue Grass Airport assigned Runway 22 to the Comair aircraft for takeoff. However, the pilot mistakenly steered the aircraft to the secondary, unlit Runway 26, which is too short for a safe takeoff. The air controller had not noticed the error, having turned away from the controls after giving the pilot the green light. Comair Flight 5191 taxied down the wrong runway with the first officer at the wheel and crashed on a low brick wall and into a dense copse of trees.

This particular mistake of mixing up Runway 22 and 26 happened again in 2007. However, this time the air controller was able to cancel the takeoff before anything happened. This suggests that there is some confusion over identifying the runways.

The families of the passengers sued Comair, Delta Air Lines which wholly owned it, the pilots, and the Blue Grass Airport Authority, and the Federal Aviation Authority. Most of the plaintiffs settled out of court.

This accident is an example of how chance plays a big part in negligent accidents. The pilots violated Sterile Cockpit Rules by engaging in small talk during a takeoff, the air traffic controller was alone on that shift which is against the rules, and the airport was under construction at the time. However, the website of the Sampson Law Firm personal injury lawyers points out that chance would not have much of a foothold if each negligent party did their part in observing reasonable care in doing their jobs.

If you sustained serious injury in a negligent airplane accident, you should not take a chance either. Consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer in your state to discuss your legal options.

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Dealing with Bicycle Accidents

There has been a lot of legislation fuss made about motorcycles and cars because they are considered to be at considerable risk while on the road. Bicycle riders, on the other hand, are given very little attention under the law although they are particularly vulnerable not only when they share the road with motorcycles and cars but from the roads themselves. It takes very little to crash a bicycle, and some injuries can be horrific especially when wearing no helmet in an encounter with a larger vehicle.

When a bicycle accident has been caused because of the negligence of a third party and serious injuries result, the advice found on The Benton Law Firm’s website is that compensation from the at-fault party should be forthcoming. In order to take action against the negligent driver, an injured rider should know the steps in dealing with bicycle accidents.

The first thing you should do is to wait for the police to get to the scene to document the whole thing. This will provide you with the driver’s identity, put in your version of the events, and maybe even get the driver given a ticket. Do not try to negotiate for compensation with the driver; without the police report, he or she may deny everything.  Leave everything as it was at the time of the accident so it can be photographed in situ. Once the report has been taken, make sure to get a copy of the report which will also have the contact information of the driver and witnesses to the incident as well as vital insurance and vehicle information.

You should also note down details of the incident such as road conditions, the surrounding area, and the weather. If possible, make a scan of the scene with your portable device and record everything that happens in the aftermath. It would be ideal if you can get the driver to take the blame on camera.

Once you have everything documented, seek medical attention so that you can also officially document your injuries. Even if they seem minor, some injuries are more serious than they look; only a medical professional can decide if you need treatment. At the very least, you will have the medical records to prove you were injured and to what extent.

And before communicating with anyone or sending anyone anything, get a reputable bicycle accident attorney to handle your case. This way, you have a fairly good chance of getting the compensation you deserve.

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Consequences of a Car Accident

It is just too easy to imagine how bad the consequences of a car accident can be. A car is basically a hunk of metal with people in it traveling at high speeds. A collision with another hunk of metal, concrete, railing, tree, or another person at any speed higher than 25 mph and expect serious injury to occur. And yet most people blithely enter a car, fully expecting to get to their destination without a scratch, and with no thought of the 15.6 crash fatalities that occur for every 100 million vehicle miles travelled. The typical driver travels 13,476 miles a year, which means that in any one year, a car traveler has a one in 475 chance of being involved in a fatal car crash.

The human body is incredibly resilient, able to withstand quite a few knocks with little permanent damage. However, a car accident can be devastating because the car is a rigid structure, and any impact forces are transferred to the more pliant human bodies inside. Aside from the sudden deceleration that can lead to whiplash, concussion, and other types of brain injury, the typical car features knobs, sticks and other objects that can pierce, puncture, and pulverize any human body striking it on the aftermath of a collision. That is not even considering the effects of air bag deployments which can suffocate or badly injure a person if it goes off wrong.

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the U.S., beating out death by firearms, infection and kidney failure. Even if not death, the injuries sustained are often so severe that victims find it necessary to apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. It is a given that there is always a risk of a car accident happening, but when it is caused by the reckless or negligent behavior of another person, it is far harder to accept. When this happens to you or to an immediate family member, you may have legal options that would help alleviate some of the financial problems associated with a car accident. Contact a personal injury lawyer to find out more.

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