Sustainable Farming

Increasing Crop Production through the New Green Revolution 2.0

It is evident now that whatever lack there is in natural fertilizers, which farmers need to increase production of crops, is being solved via technology. Technology enables scientists to manufacture artificial fertilizers, which, quite obviously, have better effects than organic fertilizers, which still require the use of today’s water, land resources and energy (which are becoming less available), because these man-made fertilizers reduce the crops’ need for water and energy, yet ensure greater and more nutritious yield.

With the need to feed more than seven million people all over the world, the introduction of these synthetic fertilizers to the agricultural industry could never have been more timely. It is true that what the world needs is more than just having enough food to eat. Food also ought to be more nutritious. Various studies have consistently shown how much the people in poorer communities are deprived of nutritious food or are lacking in vitamins and minerals due to the lack of nutrition in the food they prefer to eat.

Green Revolution 2.0 is the answer scientists have with regard to this dilemma that affects many people, most especially the poor. Through artificial fertilizers, however, breeding more nutritious crops is no longer a key concern.

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